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Craftsman 2 Piece Impact Screwdriver Set

This Craftsman 2-piece Impact screwdriver set is a fantastic alternative to keep your bitumen work under control, the phillips slots make it basic to get to the and the metal cases make it basic to store.

Craftsman Impact Screwdriver Set

This Craftsman Impact screwdriver set includes two phillips screws and one slotted screws, it is top-of-the-line for use in locks, bolts, and other impact-based applications. The screwdriver's slotted head makes it dealing with screws and bolts a breeze, this Craftsman 2 Piece Impact screwdriver set is a valuable alternative for admirers who need to gently screw in screws. The set includes a phillips screwdriver and a slotted screwdriver, the phillips screwdriver is splendid for general work and the slotted screwdriver is for harder-to-reach places. These tools are good for both amateur and professional work, the tools come with a slotted screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, and a ratchet wrench, so you can get the job done quickly and easily. Plus, the quick-release tool handle makes it straightforward to take things apart again, this is a Craftsman 2 Piece Impact screwdriver set phillips slotted 986616 japan new. It is a top-notch set for somebody who wants a tool that can do a lot of work with its strong impact, the set also includes a tool for chimneys, ladders, and other purposes.