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Craftsman Professional Screwdriver Set 25

This Craftsman Professional torx stubby set is splendid for tight spaces, it's got a tough and durable feel to it, making it unequaled for usage in sharp-like construction. The 25 and 27 tines are exceptional for occasions such as christmas and new year, while the 30 tine is superb for reaching into difficult to reach places, the set also includes an 25 and 27 tine screw and an 30 tine screw.

Craftsman Professional Screwdrivers Set

This tools set from Craftsman that includes: usa made Craftsman Professional torx stubby set t20 t25 t30 t40 5 pcs, this set of screws and nails is sure to save your family breakfast, lunch or dinner on a day. This is a Craftsman Professional screwdriver set 25 pcs, it extends a t20 t25 t30 t40 5 pcs, and is manufactured in the usa, it is a stubby set, which makes it good for use with wood screws and other 1 0-inch us-made screws. The set comes with a torx code and the card with the stubby shape, the Craftsman Professional torx screwdrivers stubby nos t20 t25 t30 t40 is a practical set for enthusiasts who ache to get the most out of their screwdriver skills. The set includes 25 t20 t25 t30 t40 and 5 pcs, of stubby screwdrivers. They are sure to get the most from your screwdriver set, with their unique stumpy noses, these tools can handle tight spaces and calculations quickly and easily. Other features of the set include 25-foot long stubby nos, an 27-inch long stumpy nose, and an 30-inch long stumpy nose, this set is practical for doing calculations or working with screws.