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Dewalt Maxfit Screwdriving Set (32-piece)

Introducing the Dewalt max fit Screwdriving set! This top-notch set includes an 32-piece bit set that is sure to provide with plenty of progressions to help you get the most out of your screws, the set also includes a Dewalt tooling that makes getting that peerless screw just a few clicks away. So, make sure you're always up-to-date with your screws with the Dewalt Screwdriving set.

Dewalt Maxfit Screwdriving Set (32-piece) Walmart

The Dewalt max fit tough case users friendly 32 Piece bit set is designed to keep you organized and in control when you're using your screwdrivers, the set includes a case, bit, and other necessary supplies. This set of 32 pieces is available in black or white and can be personalized with your Dewalt max fit information, the bit and case are made of durable materials and the personally tailored case is manufactured of lightweight materials it can be easily carried around. The set is likewise facile to clean with just a few simple steps - all while being used with your screwdriver, it imparts a hard-shell case made of durable materials that features an 360-degree zip-off pocket for your screws. The case also renders a built-in do-not-kill switch that makes it straightforward to get to your screws in case of an emergency, the max fit tough case is an excellent addition to your screwdriver set and is sterling for users that require strong grip and protection for their screws. The Dewalt max fit Screwdriving set is a top-of-the-heap way to get your machine getting the accurate screws you need, this set includes 32 pieces to help keep your machine running smoothly, and a deburring tool to help get the cleaned areas you need. The Dewalt max fit Screwdriving set offers an excellent surrogate to keep your screwdriver close when needs be, this set includes an 32-piece bit set that makes it basic to get to the work you need to do. The set also includes an 2-foot length of screw and a confidence boost that will help you get the job done.