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Dynamite Screwdriver Set

This Dynamite start up tool set nut hex phillips screw drivers wrenchs, is a must have for any startup! It makes it facile to hex, phillips or wrench up your tech problems.

Us Dyn2835 Hand Tools Misc

Dynamite Screwdriver Set Ebay

The Dynamite machined hex driver set 4 met, is a sterling set of screws and screws sets for tightening down screws, building structures, or use as a detonator. The driver sets are made of heavy-duty materials and have different shapes to suit any task, the Dynamite machined hex driver set 4 met is a peerless set of tools for driving nails, screws and other nails and screws. The tools are reversible, so you can use them with your left hand and your right hand, the set also includes an egg socket and a boring tool. The Dynamite screwdriver set includes 5 different types of screws:driver, implied screw, banking screw, single end screw and a fx screw, additionally, there is a-clamps and washers to keep your screw in place and increased safety. This Dynamite screwdriver set includes 5-pieces of phillips screws and 3-pieces of 0, 30 mm flat screws. It is sterling for probing and perforating rocks and other stubborn materials.