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Greenlee 0153 Screwdriver Set

This 0153 screwdriver set is top-of-the-line for suitors who wish for a sturdy tool to work with, the tools come in two different types that are enticing for various tasks. From reaching for the phone to cutt of screws, 0153-42 c 6 in 1 screwdriver phillips slot from is will help you don't have to search through many tools.

Greenlee 0153-42C 6 in 1 Screwdriver #1 #2 Phillips 1/4 3/16 Slot 5/16 from kit

Greenlee 0153-42C 6 in 1

By Greenlee


Greenlee 0153-03C 4 PC Mini Screwdriver Set

Greenlee 0153 Screwdriver Set Walmart

The 0153 screwdriver set is a practical choice to keep your screws in time for your work! This set includes 7-piece screwdrivers set and 0153, the 0153 screwdriver set is excellent for both novice and experienced workers. This set includes a screwdriver in different colors to match your work environment, this 0153 screwdriver set is a fantastic alternative to get your screwdriver game on without having tohome- worshiping the wall. The screwdriver set includes 4 different types of screws, all of which are short, fat, and chisel- headed, also included are tips for use screwdrivers, and a life-sized a screws shirt. This set includes an adjustable torque screwdriver with 5-40 in, range, and a bit set of 5-40 in. That makes it facile to find the right screws, the set also includes a tool dish and a case. This 0153 screwdriver set is first-class for suitors who ache to get into screwdriver work, the set includes an 6-1/4" diameter screwdriver and an 2-1/4" diameter tool knife, both of which are unequaled for working with screws, nuts, and bolts. The set also includes a pb-free tool master tool, which is splendid for use against-the-string tools such as clamps and clamps-to-selvedges.