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Multi Head Screwdriver Set

This 12 pc torx bit set quick change connect driver drill set is enticing for busy professionals who need the power and flexibility of a standard torx bit while the security and safety of a tamper-proof drill, it comes with two drivers, a bit and instructional kit.



By Unbranded


- 8 Pc - Hex, Allen, Phillips, Flat Head

Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set - 8

By Tool Bench Hardware


Head Joint 16 Different Head With Co

Multi 20 in 1 Precision

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8 In 1 Philips Flat Head Handy Tool
Quick Change Connect Impact Driver Drill Security Tamper Proof

12pc Torx Bit Set Quick

By Jenoco


Best Multi Head Screwdriver Set

This philips flat Head screwdriver set is dandy for doing things the hard way, with its 8 in 1 philips flat Head tool, you can easily remove different types of screws, with its ability to remove multi-head screws, you will be able to get the job done easily and efficiently. The 8 in 1 electricians insulated screwdriver tool set double Head w magnetic tips is an unequaled set of screwdriver tools for a person electrician tubular department store in london, this set includes the following: - Multi Head screwdriver - magnetic tips for all types of screws -irrelnled with tweezers, chisels and pens this tool set is excellent for somebody who wants to work with screws, bolts, nails and other electric screws in the effortless and basic to adopt and organization. The set also includes a case to make life much easier for future use, the dakota 91065 multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver with swivel Head is exceptional for doing tasks such as removing screws, bolts and bolts with washers, and bit swiss-style. It extends a comfortable grip and design that makes it straightforward to use, the screwdriver also includes a backlight and a-la-carte-menu that you can customize to your needs. The screwdriver renders a left and right ratcheting head, as well as a backlight and all-in-one menu, this pagoda mini screwdriver set is a sensational substitute to make sure your screwdriver always in top condition! The tools come in a small, yet durable, case that can keep them safe should they be lost or stolen. The tools are also 14-ct, and have a very clear design that makes them facile to use.